tsenso pilots with METRO C&C Dusseldorf

Food that is still good to eat, is often thrown out prematurely, contributing to systemic food waste. In fact, food worth 143 billion EUR is discarded every year in the European Union alone.

To solve this problem, tsenso, a startup from our 2015 hospitality program, developed FreshIndex, a cloud solution that tracks food products from producer-to-consumer and has tested it together with METRO. In its current stage, the solution is able to monitor, hygienic, logistic and storage temperature conditions.

"Without the program (MXcel) and without the personal contact to the right people from METRO, this project would have never been possible. We were equally impressed with the determination of METRO to implement and test our product.”  – Matthias Brunner, CEO, tsenso

tsenso rolled out its fresh index solution in METRO CC in Dusseldorf. tsenso’s solution allowed METRO to monitor temperature of the products from the producer all the way through to their arrival at the METRO store, customers were then able to track the freshness of the pork after purchase . Customer-feedback was overall positive. Some said:

"Remaining shelf-life as well as information on the origin of the food, farming method, feeding and the involved companies are of key interest."

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