Impala raises $20m just four months after raising $11m

London-based travel tech startup Impala announced a $20m raise led by Lakestar, just four months after its last raise of $11m.

The hotel industry is enormous. Around the world, 6.3bn hotel bookings are made each year, bringing in $600bn in revenue in 2018.

But the software the industry runs on is old and clunky. And hoteliers around the world hate how much they rely on and Expedia to sell their rooms.

“If you put 100 hoteliers in a room, so that would be a big room full of mostly elderly white men, the biggest thing everyone would be trying to do is reduce dependence on Booking and Expedia.,these platforms take 25% commission — and hotels are desperate to escape their clutches." - Ben Stephenson, Founder, Impala

Read more about their funding and the hotel industry here.

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