"We Offer a Convenient And Faster Way To Answer: What Am I Going To Do For Lunch?"

Writer for Gründermetropole Berlin, Stefan Kny asked three questions to Pedro and Jaime, from FudyBudy, a startup part of METRO Accelerator for Hospitality 2017.


Please introduce yourself and your business.

We are Pedro and Jaime, the co-founders of FudyBudy.com: the easiest way to make your pick-up order from restaurants. We offer more than 100 different meals options, in less than 5 minutes walking for less than 5€ each!

We launched in Madrid 4 months ago in one of the main business areas of the city (where more than 50.000 workers go out for lunch every day). We offer them a more convenient and faster way to answer the question…” what am I going to do for lunch today?”


How did you come up with the idea?

We were working for another company months ago and we realized, we had literally everyday a same issue with lunchtime: we wanted to eat in rush hour (like most of the people do) and if we just jump into the place, would be fully booked. So we started to order in advance (for pick-up) but there was not a better deal for us… So we invented FudyBudy 🙂


Pedro and Jaime


What are your expectations of the Program?

  1. Improve our knowledge about our product (we thought we were the “masters and commanders on this”, but we realized we were wrong 😉 ). Here we are learning a lot about: UX, mkt, finance, modeling and much more
  2. Improve our network with people we wouldn´t be able to meet without the Program
  3. Validate our product in a record time (here the days count like weeks)
  4. Starting to making our own questions instead of just answering others


Full article is available here in German. Check out Gründermetropole to learn more about food and accelerator topics in Berlin’s area.

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