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This virtual shopping assistant responds to the consumer’s desires: IamBot is the name of this pioneering technology which provides matching buying options for customers and a fresh impetus for e-commerce.

When customers come across something they like, be it a handbag, a pair of pants or a mobile phone cover, the question is where can they get it, from which provider and at what price? Long searches are now a thing of the past – IamBot is the name of the new technology, a visual chatbot that provides the requested information within seconds. People take a picture of the product they have fallen in love with and send it via Facebook Messenger to IamBot. Within split seconds they receive offers from affiliated web shops matching the product they’re looking for. Consequently, customers gain maximum flexibility for their buying decision, and e-commerce traders gain an efficient new distribution channel.

This market niche was discovered by Pawel Kolacz from Wroclaw, Poland. He developed a brand-new app with two co-founders and launched a start-up in Burlingame, CA, USA in 2017. The name IamBot speaks for itself: the objective is to educate consumers in using bots for their needs. Bots – computer software programs whose name is derived from the word “robot” – are becoming increasingly important since the fast-growing use of apps on smart phones.. Today, they play a key role acting as an interface in the search for information, shopping, customer servicess and much more. This makes IamBot a pioneering business idea which is gaining momentum thanks to the mentoring program of the METRO Accelerator.

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Roman, Pawel & Wojciech

What is the potential of IamBot?

IamBot offers great value for consumers and lucrative new sales opportunities for brand retailers and publishing houses. We are convinced that our technology is not only suited for e-commerce, as it has the potential to become an omnichannel solution for the entire retail sector, as a cross-channel business model that optimises customer experiences.

Which obstacles had to be overcome?

We developed an entirely new technology. It takes a few minutes to explain IamBot. But as soon as retailers and consumers realize the fantastic options on offer, IamBot will come out on top.

How is the METRO Accelerator assisting you on the road towards this target?

We want to learn as much as possible to drive our startup forward. With the community and the alumni network of the METRO Accelerator we are getting exactly what we need at this end.

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