There’s a New Wynd Blowing in the Restaurant Industry

Interview with founder & CEO Ismael Ould

Digitally marketing your own restaurant these days is a must. If you want to make a success out of your business, you need a website that not only displays your address and a gallery, but one that also provides digital services. Traditionally we needed a variety of applications that really just made more work on top of the normal restaurant business. Wynd puts an end to the technological confusion. Founder and CEO Ismael Oud tells us about his business.

What is Wynd?
Wynd is a 360 degree software as a service solution for restaurant owners that helps them develop and manage digital services for their business. Whether it’s creating their own website with online table reservations or the option to pay online, with Wynd it’s all in one application.

What services exactly are you offering your clients?
We offer them a variety of services. With digitization, the customer has changed as well. Today someone going to a restaurant wants to be able to look at the entire menu online. Or maybe they don’t necessarily want to leave the house to enjoy their meal but want it delivered. If they don’t have any cash on them, they’d like the option of paying online. We offer our clients exactly that service with our white label solution. If needed, we can create a website for them and install all the service variables available. The user-friendly service makes it easy for the client to organize all their services.

What does the user get out of your solution?
By using our service, our client will observe significantly higher revenue. Productivity will rise by 42 percent, which translates on average into about 22 percent higher total revenue.

How did you get the idea of developing this kind of project?
My father has been a restaurant and hotel owner for over ten years. In the hotel industry the digital transformation is already pretty advanced. It has been possible for a while now to book a room online on a lot of websites. For my father’s birthday I wanted to give him a special gift: I created a website for his hotel that provided a similar service. In the first year, we observed a 10 percent increase in revenue. One digital service then came after the other, such as online payment, so that by the end, I was operating seven different programs. That was inconvenient, so I came up with the idea of developing a SaaS solution that would integrate all these programs. Since the restaurant industry is also becoming digitized, it was easy to adapt the concept to that branch too.

Why did you apply for the Techstars METRO Accelerator?
We were talking with friends who work for METRO about how to help restaurants with digitization. That’s when the idea of participating in the accelerator came up. The accelerator is an amazing opportunity for us to work at the center of innovation and get global attention. We’re happy we can take part in this program here in Berlin.

What expectations did you have of the accelerator and were they met?
Our goal was to focus more on independent restaurants. In the months that we’ve been working here, we’ve managed to shift our focus. METRO is the best partner for that. Thanks to the mentors’ help, we’ve been able to develop a new strategy that will help us with distribution in the future.

What are your goals for the next year?
In the coming year, we’d like to expand our team to 100 employees and thus expand into other countries. At the moment we’re represented in five countries. Our goal is 20 countries in Europe. I’m pretty confident we can reach that goal.

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