“The Idea Was Born In a Restaurant Where We Waited 45 mins To Order a Drink”

Writer for Gründermetropole Berlin, Stefan Kny asked three questions to Marc de Gibon, CEO of Cuddl’Up, a startup part of METRO Accelerator for Hospitality 2017.


Can you introduce your Business?

Cuddl’Up is a disruptive ordering digital solution for Restaurant Owners. We provide them with all the tech they need to increase their average check by more than 25%! And at no risks, as our business model is based on the performance of the solution.

To achieve such a tremendous goal we set up a fantastic team! Senior CTO, Senior Dev, Senior Sales, and a cohort of highly motivated juniors. All together we cumulate more than 100 years of experience in software and software-related industry.


Christophe, Marc et Eric


How did the idea evolve?

The idea was born in a restaurant where we waited roughly 45 minutes to order a drink. We created a prototype to address the market, and then relocated our company in a restaurant to learn as much as possible how they operate.

If the original ideas have always been to provide an End to End solution, we are now evolving to a solid SaaS platform, enriched with applications, as a mid/longterm vision.



What do you expect from METRO Accelerator program?

Take the best advantage of the expertize of mentors and associates and METRO network to:

  • Refine our go to market
  • Provide the market with the most valuable product and the highest added value
  • and execute world-class operations.


Full article is available here in German. Check out Gründermetropole to learn more about food and accelerator topics in Berlin’s area.

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