"The First Robot In The World Making Mojitos And 300 Other Cocktails"

Writer for Gründermetropole Berlin, Stefan Kny asked three questions to Morgan, founder and CEO of BlendBow, a startup part of METRO Accelerator for Hospitality 2017.


Please introduce yourself and your company.

I am Morgan Fellous, co-founder and CEO of BlendBow.

BlendBow has a team composed of 18 persons (Sales, R&D, Production). We developed the Barmate which is the first robot in the world able to make Mojitos, Caipirinha and of course 300 other cocktails!

The Barmate can make a cocktail from start to end all on its own. It can cut limes on command, crush ice, measure out mint and sugar and pour out alcohols, juices, syrups…, and to round off the perfect cocktail, it can stir and shake ingredients together.

Our customers are Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Casinos … anyone who wants to propose cocktails on his menu but doesn’t want to hire a specific bartender.

The benefit for our customers are:

  • Always the same taste, same cost and same margin.
  • No need the knowledge to make cocktails.
  • Cocktails in 30 seconds.



How did you come up with the idea?

I had this idea with friends in a restaurant as we ordered cocktails 🙂 We were waiting for 30 minutes and when the drinks were finally served the cocktails were really not good!




What are your expectations of the Program?

METRO Accelerator is a very good opportunity for us to accelerate the commercial development of the product, having a lot of feedbacks, and help us to raise funds!


Full article is available here in German. Check out Gründermetropole to learn more about food and accelerator topics in Berlin’s area.

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