The 10 online startup magazines you need to know

The food tech field is becoming an ever larger element in the startup scene. To get a good start, you need to be well connected and well informed about current trends and developments in the industry.

Whether it’s events, blogs or online magazines, you can’t miss these ten sites if you want to conquer the market.

The leading German online magazine from the startup and digital world from the Axel-Springer-Verlag does not only contain current news, it also has background stories and interviews. You can be the first to get the information you need at First founded as a blog by startup insider Joel Kaczmarek, Gründerszene reports beyond Berlin’s, Germany’s and even Europe’s founder scene.

deutsche startups
The competitor magazine to Gründerszene is called deutsche The editor-in-chief and founder Alexander Hüsing and his team deliver constantly updated content and important news from the scene. The magazine also provides many analytical articles on current topics from FinTech through accelerator programs to virtual reality. You can find all the important startup news here:

WiWo Gründer
The WirtschaftsWoche offshoot is completely devoted to startups. Besides articles from and on the industry and the newest information from the digital economy, the reader can sort the articles according to cities. The site also provides event announcements and columns on know-how and financing. Click here to find out more:

Berlin Valley
Berlin Valley, actually know in its print edition, also provides interesting content on its website. Besides current issue topics, also presents new articles and previous contributions with an appealing design.

TechCrunch is the most important online magazine in the digital and tech industry on the global market. The American magazine provides information on trends from the hardware and software industries, from the startup scene as well as from the Old Economy. Everything worth knowing, especially about the US market can be found here:

The blog named after the accelerator does not only report on company-related news. Its site presents the latest accomplishments of their company’s ventures as well as news, studies and trends from the food tech scene. Read more here:

Food-X Accelerator
The Food-X-Accelerator blog is a fun read with a lot of inspiring interviews from the scene. There are especially beautiful contributions that take a loving look at food and beyond, covering such topics as strategies and business models. You can get to the blog her:

Food Tech Connect
This site sees itself as a medium and mouthpiece for the food tech community. It provides insights into the industry and regular market analyses. Apart from news, analyses and program tips, the platform also provides various workshops in sections such as branding, user research or crowd funding. The Food Tech Connect site can be found here:

Seeds and Chips
Italy is known for its amazing cuisine. It’s small wonder, then, that the event organizers of the seeds and chips summit chose Milan as their venue. Using the slogan “We bring food and technology together”, the conference takes a holistic approach to the topic of nutrition. Ranging from agricultural technology to superfoods to eating habits – the entire chain of the food industry is represented. You can learn more about the innovations in the market and individual areas here:
The blog reports on what’s happening in the international startup scene. Comprehensive articles provide background information on the global tech industry. Alongside the articles, you can find podcasts on politics and the economy from the digital point of view.

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