That’s how much fun healthy cooking can be


Being your own chef or, in other words, being the captain in your own kitchen: a healthy diet after work is as easy as pie with the app provided by the start-up KptnCook.

“What are you cooking today?“ asks KptnCook – and promptly gives the answer himself: in 2014, the Berlin-based start-up developed a cooking app that allows for a healthy and varied diet in a fully organised daily routine. Every day, the app presents three recipes in a way that makes them easy and quick to prepare. The shopping list for the supermarket is provided as well. This makes cooking simple, spontaneous and, most of all, stress-free – even for inexperienced chefs. KptnCook motivates people to cook for themselves, to try out new recipes without extensive planning, and to get to know new ingredients. With this app, the start-up is closing a market gap: the app purposefully addresses the need for a healthy diet after work without having to invest much time and effort. It takes a maximum of 30 minutes from preparing the food to enjoying it.

Even shopping is a pleasure with the KptnCook app. Futile searches in the shelves are now a thing of the past: the shopping list features only those items that are actually staples in the broad assortment of a nearby supermarket operated by Rewe, Edeka, Bio Supermarkt and Real.

And who’s the crew on board of KptnCook? Entrepreneurs, designers and techies who have one thing in common: a passion for tasty food. The healthy balance of the recipes is overseen by a nutritionist in the team consisting of seven members, each one of them being a captain in his own kitchen.

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Alexander & Eva

Kptns, ahoy! What makes this app unique?

Taking to the stove after work and spontaneously trying out a new recipe is a true challenge. Add to this that, after a long day of work, you frequently have to search for ingredients at the supermarket. You get frustrated when you don’t get that one ingredient you are looking for and when, for lack of inspiration, you just go for pasta for the third consecutive day. An app that combines quick and creative cooking with the staples available in a supermarket had not been on the market so far. What makes us unique? For one, our recipes are easy and quick to prepare: not only our team, also food bloggers develop new recipes and make sure that the 30-minute mark is not exceeded. On the other hand, our shopping lists feature only products that are actually on stock in the participating supermarkets. That way, the pleasure does not start with enjoying a tasty and healthy meal, but much earlier: with uncomplicated shopping and cooking.

How was the idea born?

It was born from a personal need. As we are mostly sitting in the office until late in the evening, we were also asking ourselves every day: what shall I cook tonight? Long searches or your daily pasta dish are not an option for us. And we are also not into ordering out food every day. We want to know what’s in our meal, we want to have a precise overview on what exactly we are ingesting. That is how the idea of a cooking app that is fully focused on cooking dinner was borne.

How does the METRO Accelerator pave the way to success?

It is great to be part of an international network that bundles the strategic experience of so many different experts from all over the world. We don’t want to grow at all costs – we pursue a sustainable growth strategy. The Accelerator helps us refine and adapt this strategy. How can we make our app even better, even more user-friendly? Which strategic benefit do we derive from our customers’ feedback? Our mentors give us exciting and helpful input for these key issues.


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