Take off with a Transatlantic program – experts at your side in business development

Two industry leaders have brought experts in acceleration together to take retail startups inside a new world of transatlantic enterprise. This is something different and new. This is acceleration with life and business enhancing possibilities. And it’s been certified by Techstars.


The 14-week program takes startups into the heart of two companies. You will learn how both METRO AG, one of the world’s largest wholesalers and food specialists, and Target, one of the largest retailers in the U.S., operate. And you’ll gain access to leaders within their respective companies and industries.


Kicking off in May, you’ll spend multiple weeks in both Berlin with METRO, and in Minneapolis with Target learning alongside their leaders. And we’ll make sure the gaps are being filled with bespoke coaching and knowledge. We have even asked alumni startups that did the ‘U.S. Flip’ and they told us what they would have ideally wanted, and we are applying that knowledge now for you.


Know that the managing director, Garan, has worked with Silicon Valley enterprise software firms and C-levels of Indian outsourcing expanding to Europe. In fact, Garan built up some hot teams in the Wayra/Telefonica accelerator (90 percent follow on funding, three US flips, six exits and one Foodora). In addition, Sylvia has six acceleration programs under her belt focused entirely on your sector.


Target on its own, during the last three years of Target + Techstars programming, have run tests or pilots with more than half of the 30 participating startups.


At METRO, Lovisa makes sure you communicate your story, and she’s done that many times. Julia normally nails events and Demo Days for us but she’s away for a while soon to do a little bit of family acceleration herself. Congratulations, Julia!


Now here’s what other corporate programs cannot deliver. You will join the long-term portfolio companies of our sister company LeadX Capital Partners, an expert VC in the fields of hospitality-tech, retail-tech and food-tech with the option for future follow-ons. If you want to know how we’ve made a name in this business, LeadXCapital’s Sabine can tell you all about our success with teams such as Oriient, Justsnap, Senseitech, Kptn Cook and Impala.


But enough about us, other than to say you are in great hands. Once Demo Day arrives in August in Minneapolis, you’ll spend time with investors, mentors, METRO, Target and Techstars leaders, and retail industry experts – all there to see the result of your hard work. See the result of this first of its kind program, your hard work and the cutting edge of the industry


In three short months you will experience something profound with the support of METRO and Target. Each of the 10 selected startups receive up to a $120,000 initial investment, and backed by leading companies and Techstars, we’ll make sure it rocks for you, the startup.


To find out more about the METRO Target Retail Accelerator, see our release here .

-Garan Goodman

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