"Stay curious, ambitious and wild“

With all the daily challenges involved in founding a business, it’s not always easy to stay curious, ambitious and wild. Sooner or later, though, set-backs arise, and it’s just in these situations that it’s important to keep a cool head and not give up. This is the advice you’ll get today from Olaf Koch, Chairman of the Executive Board METRO AG, and nine other mentors from Techstars METRO Accelerator. Because it’s Mentors’ Moday! Have fun clicking through.
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Christoph Brem
David Barret
Fred Schumacher
John Brady
Joanna Heald
Sebastian und Ela
Patrick Lesieur
Olaf Koch
Jörg Marczinek


  • Olaf Koch (METRO AG): „Stay curious, ambitious and wild!!!“
  • Christoph Brem (Inventorum): „Make mistakes, just not twice“
  • Fred Schumacher (METRO AG): „Keep fighting on“
  • Oliver Friedrich (Risamore Germany GmbH/Food Concepts Berlin): „Smile“
  • David Barret (Axel Springer Plug And Play): „Don’t give up“
  • Jörg Marczinek (METRO AG): „People are more comfortable with old problems, than with new solutions“
  • Sebastian & Ela (Ballou PR): „Remember: your actions are your brand“
  • Joanna Heald (Freelancer): „Targeted messaging“
  • John Brady (Coca-Cola HBC): „Develop your unique proposition and focus on selling its benefits“
  • Patrick Lesieur (METRO AG): „Continue all with your visions and dreams…well done“

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