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Gift Certificates For Lunchio And Journy

Our start-ups have something to offer. They want to whet your appetite for their novel, innovative business ideas with these fantastic bargains.

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Lunchio Gift


Lunchio is a member of the accelerator. Germany’s first online waiter and digital restaurant guide made especially for the lunch break. You order lunch from your favourite restaurant from the office using Lunchio, and pay with PayPal, credit card or SOFORT Überweisung. By the time you get to the restaurant, your table is set and lunch is already on its way. That way, you save a lot of waiting time but can still enjoy your lunch in a nice atmosphere. This service is available in about 60 partner restaurants in ten cities across Germany. With the certificate code “METRO3” you get a 3€ discount on the next order. Try it out now!

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Gift Journy


The makers of Journy also have something new on their platform. Using their, you can get the best travel advice on your next trip from experts in the field. All you need to do is tell the Journy team where you’re going, what your expectations are of the hotel, and what activities you’re planning. The expert network then does the research for the perfect trip using all the information you’ve entered, and then putting together an individualized itinerary. If you’re not happy with the offer, you have a 100% money-back guarantee. Now is the time to take advantage of the 50€ discount on your next query using the code “WANDERLUST”. Don’t wait to book your individual trip!

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