Platform magnetically attracts customers and retailers


A special kind of navigator: With Oriient, customers in a shopping centers can find the products they are looking for in a flash. At the same time, Oriient gives bricks-and-mortar retailers the opportunity to leverage benefits that have so far been the exclusive domain of e-commerce. The underlying secret? The power of magnetism.

This new platform simply uses the laws of nature, combined with the latest GPS technology on smartphones. Essentially, earth’s magnetic field can guide customers through shopping malls to the section they’re looking for. With this solution, the frustrating search for products in malls and supermarkets is now a thing of the past. Now consumers can find what they want faster and discover new things in the process.

Similar to online stores, shop based retailers have the opportunity to drive customer attention to new assortments, special offers and promotional campaigns, personalise the product and store search, and take advantage of the gamification trend. In addition, retailers gain a deeper understanding of customer wishes and can transform their stores into “smart stores”. The start-up founders Mickey Balter and Amiram Frish from Tel Aviv, Israel have been connecting customers and retailers with their innvation since 2016.

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Mickey & Amiram

Mr Balter: How was the idea for the navigation platform conceived?

The idea for Oriient was conceived from our personal experience. We were frustrated at how much time we had to spend looking for certain products in shops and malls. We seized the opportunity when smartphone technology changed about two or three years ago.

How much time did you spend on developing the platform?

The whole thing started as a weekend project. Amiram, in particular, developed the platform at home. It took eight months until we had something we could work with. In the meantime, we have already conducted pilot projects in Israel and the US.

What are the challenges you are now facing?

Before retailers and consumers accept a new technology, you first need to overcome their initial reluctance. Convincing people of the huge potential inherent in our platform and optimising our business model is where the mentoring program METRO Accelerator provides advice and active support.

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