NYC Meetup: Meet the Founders - How to Build a Startup Restaurant

NYC Res-Tech Meetup


Join us for an exciting second round of Restaurant Tech meetups in New York City.

Our next event will take place Wednesday September 20, 2017 from 6PM to 9PM at Microsoft Times Square. With the theme as ‘Meet the founders – How to Build a Startup Restaurant’, we will explore how startup practices can ease everyday life for restaurant owners. Click here to check out the meetup and book your spot today.

On the speaker panel are four very different experts, to present their personal experience on the topic.

Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance
The NYC Hospitality Alliance is a trade association representing restaurants and nightlife establishments throughout the five boroughs.

Jimmy Chen, Co-Founder of Taiyaki NYC
Founded in 2016, Taiyaki NYC is a fast-growing phenomenon. Their beautiful, fish-shaped ice cream cones – called Taiyaki – have taken the Instagram community by storm.

Nick Iovacchini Co-Founder Distilled New York
Nick is the co-founder of Distilled New York, a high-profile restaurant that has garnered national acclaim. Besides, he is also the CEO of Kettle-Space, a startup converting excess space in restaurants into productive day-time work spaces.

Yong Zhao CEO of Junzi Kitchen
Junzi Kitchen is a fast casual concept currently expanding in NYC. Their first restaurant opened at Yale’s campus in 2015.

Our meetups are held in cooperation with The NYC Restaurant Tech Group, who believe that possibilities for using technology to promote and enhance hospitality services are endless. Organized by Calvin Smith and Javier Dutan the meetups aim to reach small businesses in every shape and form looking to explore and improve their operations or increase traction. Each event focuses on a current topic within the field of Restaurant Technology. A diverse group of panelists provides valuable, personal insights in important trends and developments.

You are invited! Come along, bring your friends, spread the word and do not forget to reserve your spot today.

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