METRO Xcel for Hospitality 2019/20; Bootcamp 2 kick off!

In November 2019, we successfully launched the first part of our new METRO Xcel for Hospitality program ; Bootcamp 1. Bootcamp 1 took place over the course of 5 days with seven later stage companies from France, Singapore, Spain, and Germany, all with the common goal to scale throughout Europe.

During Bootcamp 1 startup CEOs met with European country representatives and key stakeholders from METRO to exchange ideas on how they might build toward a pilot. Following these results and feedback from individual training sessions by expert professionals selected companies were invited back for Bootcamp 2 which kicked off Today, 20 Jan 2020

Bootcamp 2 sees even deeper and more vigorous training in areas like culture, finance, and board management, paired with real piloting opportunities. The companies that were invited back include:

  • Heura – Foods for Tomorrow based in Spain – “Meat alternatives sourced from plant-based ingredients.”
  • Mein Wunsch Catering, based in Germany – Digitises the catering market by building a vertically integrated brand; an asset light online brand for catering using local catering partners to fulfil orders.
  • Waitrr, based in Singapore -A Mobile ordering & payment web app that allows customers to order ahead of time and skip the queue, democratised to SMEs . “Grow restaurant profits and save customers time”

Stay tuned as we uncover what it actually means to scale successfully and sustainably, and facilitate exchange on potential business development opportunities.

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