MEETUP: NYC Restaurant Tech and the METRO Accelerator

In an exciting collaboration, we are launching a new series of meetups at one of the greatest food hubs of our times, New York. Attend the first event of this series on Wednesday April 19th, 2017 in New York City. On April 19th we will take over The Yard: Herald Square, 106 West 32nd Street, from 1830 – 2100. Click here to check out the meetup and book your spot today.

The Rest Tech meetups are organized by the NYC Restaurant Tech Group who believe that possibilities for using technology to promote and enhance food service are endless. The meetups are founded and organized by Javier Dutan, Kevin Galligan, and Edward Sturm. The series aims to reach small businesses in every shape or form looking to explore and further improve their operations or increase traction. Each meetup focuses on a different topic and dives deeper in the subject with a talented and sought after panel on site. The upcoming event will explore ‘Onboarding Restaurants’ and the list of speakers on the panel is rather fitting. In attendance on the 19th of April will be:

Adam Price, CEO of Homer Logistics, NYC, USA. Homer Logistics is a logistics company providing outsourced local, last-mile delivery services to the restaurant industry.

Leith Hill, Owner of Ellary´s Greens. As CEO of Wisdom Foods and Owner of Ellary’s Greens, Leith Hill is focused on connecting people to the food they can trust.

Rob Edell, CEO of Servy. Servy, is a next generation mystery dining and customer intelligence platform for the restaurant industry.

Deepti Sharma Kapur, CEO and founder FoodtoEat, a service where companies can order team meals from the best local joints. Deepti started FoodtoEat to help small, immigrant-owned food vendors use technology to build sustainable businesses.

You are invited! Come along, bring your friends, spread the word and do not forget to RSVP for the event to reserve your spot.

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