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Epinium makes the consumer’s voice count. The data analysis platform examines customer reviews on the internet 10 times faster than conventional methods. The winner? Retailers, manufacturers – and customers.

Imagine the competitive edge you would gain as a retailer looking into the future with a mouse click. We would know today which products will become best sellers tomorrow. That’s exactly what Epinium Analytics helps to accomplish. Unlike the crystal ball, however, the findings of this analytical tool are based on solid data. Since 2016, this platform has been looking into prices and customer reviews from shops and retail platforms on the internet, and analysing them in real time.

The result: qualitative and quantitative analyses which are precise and also much faster and better priced than time-consuming focus group analyses for example. Market trends can be identified more easily, innovations can be placed on the market faster and under ideal conditions and products and services can be purposefully optimised to the benefit of consumers.

The real, authentic consumer opinion has long fascinated the two founders Carlos Martínez Barriga and Miquel Ferrando from Barcelona, Spain. The more they evaluated ratings on the internet, the clearer their vision of creating became to create a data analysis platform capable of automatically collecting large volumes of reviews and experiences from the world wide web.

Initial projects from companies that have tested Epinium Analytics confirm that it works.

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Miquel & Carlos, founders of Epinium

Mr Martínez Barriga, How do you see your startup going forward?
The voice of the customer counts. Our customers find our platform impressive and regard it as an opportunity to better understand their customers’ wishes, to better identify market trends, to better assess their competitors and to more intensively track the price policy of online retailers. Therefore, we see a positive future for our business model.

You can not only provide concrete figures about your customers, but also about your own company. Which ones, exactly?
The figures can be provided about the company and its customers. Epinium Analytics delivers results ten times faster to the company t

han conventional data analysis methods, and is up to 90 per cent cheaper than traditional market research. Products can then be placed on the market 300 per cent earlier.

What is the role of the METRO Accelerator in this success story?
We have many different options for evaluating product reviews. Our mentors from the METRO Accelerator have already given us valuable information on how we can present the evaluations of customer experiences in a more focused and concise way. We have already integrated their feedback into our data analyses. But that is not all. The mentoring program also assists us in further improving our platform and in establishing important business contacts and partnerships.

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