"Just do it“

The Accelerator is in its last, hot phase before Demo Day on 28 January. Our mentors have been helping them in their daily work, providing support and consultation. In our Mentors’ Monday series, we have presented ten of them each week. Here – last but not least – are the final participants with their advice.

We hope you like it. Happy clicking!

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Daniel Kollmann

Martina Weiner

Lutz Behrendt

Kurt Joachim Lauk

James Baker


  • Daniel Kollmann (Junge & Kollegen): „Just do it“
  • Prof. Dr. Kurt Joachim Lauk (Globe CP GmbH): „Failure breeds success“
  • Lutz Behrendt (Google): „Test small + scale fast“
  • Martina Weiner (i-potentials GmbH): „Great product means being the best“
  • James Baker (Sure Horizon): „Listen and be prepared to change things“

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