"It’s great to be part of this fantastic community"

In a further episode of “Meet the Mentors” we gathered the combined mentoring force of Lyle Worthington, Michael Levie and Ian Millar at one table. The meeting was kick-started with the current hospitality scene trends and their tips for our startups.

In 2013, Lyle Worthington established his consulting company, Worthington Consulting, with a mission that was both simple and ingenious alike: “Do smart things with smart people”. He consequently met plenty of smart people in the most diverse startups. As a result, he is thoroughly fascinated time and time again to experience the passion, drive and dedication that the founders muster up to develop confidence in themselves and their ideas, putting in hard work to continuously promote these. So what is his overall opinion of the hospitality startup scene? “It is great to be a part of this fantastic community,” Worthington enthusiastically declares.

Ian Millar, Senior Lecturer Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, agrees with this one-hundred percent and was even on hand to witness numerous startup foundings from the very first moment. At the prestigious EHL, he increasingly experiences the step towards founding a startup live on site. In the meantime he says that there are so many companies that have been founded in his presence from bold-minded students, that he is no longer able to keep track of the numbers.

Michael Levie, Founder and COO of CitizenM, also shared a hotel insider’s view and explained how the new technologies at his hotels are particularly used to give guests more decision-making options. The same technical opportunities that the guest uses at home should be available to him in his hotels and enable seamless application.

Watch the video to see what else the trio discussed.

You’ll find additional information and in-depth interviews with Michael Levie (Founder and COO of CitizenM) or Ian Millar (Senior Lecturer Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne) on our blog.

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