Introducing: These ten startups are in the 2nd round of the METRO Accelerator powered by Techstars

The votes have been cast and counted! These ten startups have convinced our international panel of experts and from today will take part in the second round of the METRO Accelerator program:


Cheerfy uses WLAN hotspots to create personal and unforgettable customer experiences. The employees of hotels, restaurants and retailers receive individual customer requests in real-time (e.g. a room on the 12th floor or a vegetarian meal) and can prepare themselves even before the guest has entered the building.

Founder: Carlos Gómez (CEO), Adrian Maseda (COO)
Date Founded: January 2015
Location: London, United Kingdom


eStaffMatch is an online marketplace, which connects event organizers with corresponding staff. Service providers like barkeepers or waiters can register on the platform with their full profile, including skills and experience, while event organizers can hire individual people for shifts where staff is still needed. Job seekers can apply for these positions. When expectations and profile as well as pay expectations correspond, it’s a perfect match.

Founder: Eropa Stein (CEO)
Launch: May 2015
Location: Ottawa, Canada

Hoard Spot

Hoard Spot is a secure key depot. If you have guests coming and can’t hand over the apartment keys personally, you can leave them at local shops and check-in your guests remotely via Hoard Spot.

Founder: Anthony Forsans (CEO), Sebastian Abenteuer (CTO)
Date Founded: November 2013
Location: Berlin, Germany


Jagger is a personal chatbot assistant for restaurant managers. The tool can be integrated in various systems like Point-of-Sale software, CRM solutions or online order platforms and consequently creates a complete data profile of the relevant company. Restaurant managers interact with Jagger via an intuitive chat interface and can, for example, initiate automatic marketing campaigns.

Founder: Ronan Cooper (CEO), Shay Livnat (CTO)
Launch: January 2015
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Business partners can meet on this co-commerce platform to handle the complete purchase and sales process and communicate with each other in real-time. This makes the B2B business more efficient, personal and profitable.

Founder: Leigh Sherman (CEO), Joshua Chittick (CTO)
Date Founded: November 2014
Location: Melbourne, Australia


resment offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their employees lots of advantageous options for operational organization: the digital personal management system reduces the work required for administrative tasks, like for shift and work scheduling and provides support for the evaluation of time sheets (time logging), payroll accounting or planning vacations and absences. As a self-learning assistant, the system additionally helps users to automate recurring processes.

Founder: Marc Stratmann (CEO), Peter Praeder (CTO), Wladislaw Kanewski (COO)
Date Founded: January 2015
Location: Cologne, Germany


Reputize is an online platform for the reputation management of hotels. The startup relies on Big Data technology and pools online evaluations from more than 100 portals and social networks. In addition, Reputize enables hoteliers to share certain reviews on websites like Tripadvisor or Holidaycheck among others, and supports the evaluation process by offering multi-channel surveys.

Founder: Ivo Dimitrov (CEO), Alexander Krustev (Business Development Director), Yavor Yankov (CTO)
Launch: November 2015
Location: London, United Kingdom


Smunch stands for smart Lunch and delivers good, healthy food to offices. With their offer, the startup wants to promote eating collective company lunches. The order is done on a subscription basis. Smunch selects specific restaurants and delivers menus that feature a wide variety of nutritional options, like with or without meat, vegan, catered to allergy sufferers, etc. In order to ensure variety, the meals delivered come from a different restaurant every day. Restaurant proprietors receive bulk orders in advance and can therefore plan their kitchen capacities more efficiently. The deliveries are optimally planned for cost-effectiveness and efficient routing.

Founder: Shivram Ayyagari (CEO), Oliver Hüfner (CFO)
Date Founded: March 2016
Location: Berlin, Deutschland


The company enables automatic sensor solutions, simplifies temperature documentation and consequently improves the supply chain in the food industry. As a result, tsenso relieves the nerve-racking and expensive measuring and documentation of storage conditions. The solution is customized to the requirements of individual target market segments like restaurants, catering and refrigerated transports. The user interface offers only the information that is really necessary and is largely automated. Monthly reports in compliance with regulations for food and drug safety can be automatically generated.

Founder: Matthias Brunner (CEO), Rahul Tomar (COO), Veronika Thomas (CMO), Emanuel Puscalau (CTO)
Date Founded: April 2015
Location: Stuttgart, Germany


Venue10 is an online reservation platform and a yield management system, which supports restaurant proprietors in capacity management for their business. The digital marketplace enables offering, finding and booking restaurants, hotels, cafés and bars. In addition, users can also select offers for home dining hosting. Here, private hosts serve potential guests home-cooked dishes in their own homes. The platform is currently available in 35 cities in the United Kingdom.

Founder: Damian Hall (CEO), Simon Cole (COO)
Launch: September 2014
Location: London, United Kingdom

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