Introducing MYMY catering: "Catering needed to Change and Now it Must"

“Catering is outdated and typified by a lack of culinary innovation, inconsistent quality and poor purchasing experience.” - this is the statement I made at the beginning of my tenure as CEO at MYMY catering. It was a generalisation. It was bold. It holds true today. Yet right now, as the industry faces its greatest challenges in decades, comes the opportunity to realise change. And put our words into actions. - Daniel Calvert

Customer Centricity

Traditional catering has long been a necessary utility for many. Self-preparation of food isn’t an option or is far too cumbersome. Restaurants and consumer delivery platforms don’t do well or are far too expensive for orders of greater than six or seven people. So that’s where catering comes in - there’s a clear space and need for it. It has almost been too clear, too easy, and as a result of this complacency the experience and terms have often been tailored to the catering industry more than to the customer.

Now is the time to change. We believe in placing the host and their guest that we cater to at the center of everything. It’s their event. It’s their food. It’s their reputation on the line. We’re merely one of perhaps several service providers and believe we need to earn their business. In doing so we hope to be seen in their eyes as ‘my cater’ for ‘my event’ - hence the name is founded in our desire to live up to customer centricity.

Digital Transformation

Finding, selecting and ordering catering has taken place offline for a long time. Yes, there are scatterings of basic websites belonging to caterers. Here and there even a platform that aggregates some of them. Yet far too often when it comes down to choosing the items, specifics and payment, customers are faced with the need to email, phone or schedule an appointment.

Digital transformation isn’t satisfied by having a website. Digital transformation in catering requires the adoption of best practices from other industries. Can I use any device? Can I compose and customise my own order? Can I pay by card, invoice, PayPal or bank transfer? And most importantly can I do it all with ease, intuition, and in a timely fashion?

Events & Use Cases

Yes, events will change too. We, as a young business were able to pivot and pilot new concepts. What stuck most of all was our concept of the Virtual Meet-Up. Catering requested by one host, ordered by many participants, and delivered to individual locations - easy, fast and flexible. This is just one example, with many more to be discovered. We choose not to await the recovery and replication of the past catering industry, but are seeking to understand what has, will or might change. In many cases it’s driven by the needs of the customer. And if it’s good for the customer, then it’s good for us.

Industry Collaboration

As a young business, with only a few years of experience, we’re still new to the scene. What I have greatly appreciated in the last few months however is the willingness of other caterers, suppliers and peers to collaborate or simply exchange experiences. One stand-out partner to our business has been METRO AG. Thanks to our participation in the MXcel Program, we’ve been able to partner with the leading global wholesaler, engage with an inspiring CEO in Olaf Koch and connect with like-minded start-ups. Every relationship matters. We strive to do good and add value to this industry. We care about our customers and partners, so it’s great to collaborate with METRO AG who share this sentiment of value creation and protection of the people that matter most.


I have spent many sleepless nights worrying and wondering about the effects of corona on our business and the wider catering industry. Though now, as we see a path forward, I see many opportunities for the catering industry to become more customer centric, to adopt a long overdue digital transformation and to seek collaborations amongst our peers and stakeholders . If we don’t embrace change now, then when? Let's do it!

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