"Impala Lets Hotels Do In Minutes What Would Previously Take Months"

Writer for Gründermetropole Berlin, Stefan Kny asked three questions to Ben, CEO of Impala, a startup part of METRO Accelerator for Hospitality 2017.


Please introduce your business.

Impala makes turning a hotel into a smart hotel simple. It provides a common and stable API that allows software providers to access core hotel data easily and securely, so they can build amazing hotel apps. It lets them do in minutes what would previously take months.


How did you come up with the idea?

We were creating internal communications software for hotels and realised that in order for us to take our initial clients on board, we would have to spend a year and thousands of euros doing nothing but trying to integrate with their existing systems.


[selectivetweet]Impala makes turning a hotel into a smart hotel simple.[/selectivetweet]


What are your expectations of the Program?

We expect that when it comes to the end of the program, we’ll be in a position where we really know our market and, with the advice of industry experts, know how to best serve them.


Charlie and Ben


Full article is available here in German. Check out Gründermetropole to learn more about food and accelerator topics in Berlin’s area.

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