Full Remote Quality Control from Sensefinity


Retailers and logistics companies can now control the quality of food and pharmaceutical products across the supply chain in a simple yet cost-effective way, thanks to a small sensor with a powerful impact. The cloud-based solution was invented by a Lisbon startup.

Are the shrimps caught in the ocean perfectly cooled throughout their journey from the fishing boat to the German store or restaurant? With this innovative solution, food retailers and logistics operators can play it safe.With a Sensefinity sensor placed in the shrimp box, for example, the temperature remains fully under control. The sensor records the position, temperature, humidity and air pressure along the complete supply chain. If the temperature drops, the sensor will immediately trigger an alarm. The system can immediately determine the exact location of the box via the Sensefinity cloud. This is just one of the cutting-edge benefits offered by the Sensefinity RFID (radio frequency identification) transponders. Moreover, the new technology is also inexpensive and easy to handle.

The startup founded by Orlando Remedios from Portugal has the potential to develop into a fast-selling item, simultaneously supported by the input of the METRO Accelerator mentoring program.

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Mr Remedios, what has been your greatest success so far?

Our business idea is already paying off. Since 2017, we have been reporting a positive cash flow.

Does your invention – cloud-based sensors – go down well with the customers?

Our customers are very taken with the solution. The sensors can be used immediately; they are inexpensive and supply precise tracking data. Such a system did not exist before. We hope to be able to tap into new markets in Europe with the help of the METRO Accelerator.

Which countries could soon be using your technology?

In the first phase, we plan to expand into Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The METRO Accelerator program supports us in this endeavour. Our mentors provide us with exciting and important insights into the different markets and assist us in optimising our business model quickly and systematically.

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