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A true win-win situation as consumers and retailers alike benefit from the JustSnap app. The reward system enables analysis of the buying behaviour of smartphone users, and creates more effective promotional campaigns. The founders of JustSnap are CEO Ahmet Ünver and CTO Halil Ibrahim Kutlutürk from Istanbul, Turkey.

Just one click – and you will receive an immediate reward. People who take a photograph of their receipts with the JustSnap app enjoy many benefits, for example a free night at the movies, a free meal in a restaurant, or discounts in their favourite shop. Customer loyalty is made easy as the app allows retailers to find out about the behaviour of a new generation of shoppers and to analyse their target groups more precisely. Which rewards go down well and which don’t? How can major price discounts be avoided? The answers are in the data generated by JustSnap. With this solution, JustSnap makes promotional activities much more target-oriented than ever before.

Launching discount campaigns without intervening in the production chain has been possible since 2017 with the JustSnap app. The start-up from Istanbul, Turkey, successfully conducted 40 campaigns with 18 brands. It is hoped they will expand into the European market following their time with the METRO Accelerator mentoring program.

Both founders grew an affinity with Berlin and decided to move their company headquarters to the German capital.

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Halil & Ahmet

How did it all start?

Our initial idea was designed for companies to issue coupons to customers directly at the checkout. The concept was already well developed when we sat down to talk about it with McDonald’s. During these discussions, we soon found out that their checkout system was not designed for such campaigns. The tricky task for us was to launch a promotional activity even though the checkout system was not suited to printing receipts. Our solution was to present our JustSnap app. McDonald’s organised two campaigns with us. Afterwards, we concluded this concept works for FMCG brands.

Your biggest success?

With our product, customers can launch promotional activities within less than one week and generate better results than with traditional discount campaigns.

What do you expect from the METRO Accelerator?

We want to expand into the European market with the help of this program by gaining deeper insights into the market and by better understanding how consumers use our app. For example, where they find JustSnap, or why they save the app on their smartphone. METRO Accelerator also arranged for an invitation to the Innovation Lab of Proctor & Gamble, which was extremely beneficial and insightful.


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