"Everyone can sell!“

Let’s take a look at the mentors for Techstars METRO Accelerator. They are some of the best, brightest, and most innovative entrepreneurial minds out there. Access to their massive networks or investors expertise as well as experience is something you will only find through Techstars METRO Accelerator.

This week we feature the first mentors and their personal advice for the startups. Happy clicking!
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Weston Hankins
Denise Philipp
Leitha Matz
Peter Thulson
Holley Atkinson
Jock Gordon
Eddy Vanhille
Christoph Sollich
Fil Guijarro
Americo Lenza


  • Fil Guijarro (Webdata Solutions GmbH): „Everyone can sell!“
  • Eddy Vanhille (METRO AG): “Make it Happen”
  • Americo Lenza (Vodafone xone): “Advice is just that, in the end, it’s your decision that counts”
  • Jock Gordon (NetStart Pty Ltd): “ABC – Always be closing”
  • Christoph Sollich (The Pitch Doctor): “Life’s a pitch!”
  • Peter Thulson (Shopkick): “Attack top 1-2 problems –> Fokus + simplicity”
  • Leitha Matz (FreshDirect): “Embrace your idea”
  • Denise Philipp (Webcrowd): “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it – Maya Angelou”
  • Weston Hankins (Refugees on Rails): “Listen, give, improve”
  • Holley Atkinson (Making Food Work): “Make your own Luck”

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