Daniel Vollmer, Founder and CEO of Flowtify

Daniel founded Flowtify in January 2015, and joined the first class of METRO Accelerator for Hospitality in September 2015. Two years later, what has changed for him and his company? Seven questions to give you an overview.


1) In brief, tell us the transformation journey of your startup during the accelerator?

We transformed from a prototype product for mom-and-pop restaurant owners to a server-based solution, useful to anybody in the hospitality & food retail industry.

2) Two years since the Demo Day, what has changed for your company?

We just hired our 10th employee, achieved fundings by a “Digital Business Angel” and Europe’s largest VC, the High Tech Gründerfonds, and started selling Flowtify licences to companies such as Marché Int., DINEA Restaurants, Europa Park Rust among others.

3) Can you tell us a little bit about what you have gained being a part of the Techstars Family?

“Give First” was probably the most important learning. For me personally and for my company. The openness of sharing their knowledge, their mentoring and network was amazing and helped us to shape the role of three founders into a company. And on top, there are all these useful perks.

4) How has the journey changed for your startup, by having METRO as a partner?

Techstars was great. Metro was incredible! Their mentoring all the way up to board level was and still is extremly helpful.

But especially the expertise from the Quality Management Department, national & international, made all the difference for our product evolution! No way that we could have made it that far, that fast. Thanks Charlotte & Sarah!

[selectivetweet]My personal recommendation: “give first” and use the power of networking within the MetroAccel universe. Daniel Vollmer, CEO @Flowtify[/selectivetweet]

5) What’s in the pipeline?
Well, we will release flowtify for iOS very soon, we just started a joint project with Q-loud for our IoT interface and we started very promising talks with Samsung, to integrate KNOX & a sales partnership.

6) Would you recommend the METRO Accelerator to other startups and why?


But it all depends on your product. I would never choose an Accelerator nor an investor, just in the hope that they will do my sales.

7) What was your experience in fund raising? Tell us a little bit about your success.

We were in the first batch and I think everyone on the program was still learning. What I have heard from startups from the 2nd batch is that the learning had been taken seriously and there had been quite some development. But, to be honest: I think our investors wouldn’t have done their investments without the MetroAccel background. For them it was probably a kind of pre due diligence.

Thank you Daniel for sharing your experience with us. You want to know more about Flowtify? Read last year interview, or check out their website.


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