Alumni Summit: Celebrating Four Years! (Part 2)

This year (2018) marks the fourth year of the METRO Accelerator, as such we hosted our first Alumni Summit on the 4th June: Together with, 30+ Alumni, 30+ Contributors, and with 120 visitors we celebrated this milestone.

GET sessions– from funding to lead-gen and sales, leading experts shared key insights on how to generate & scale new business opportunities:


  • Running METRO’s own METROpolitan team Tim Kruppe provided learnings from testing digital solutions together with restaurants.
  • Isabel Rudolf and Boris Minialai from our METRO Federation team shared how to approach METRO for Business Development.
  • METRO Director EU Affairs Maria Heider gave an insight on understanding the challenges of digital regulation.
  • METRO’s Head of Sales Tim Wenz and FragPaul’s co-founder Marc Stratmann presented how to best set up & run a successful B2B sales force & call center.
  • Hugo Hanselmann, the CEO of HuHeHa, explained us the ins and outs of selling your product to corporations.
  • The second McKinsey & Company team consisting of Claus Heintzeler, Christoph Goeken, Fabio Mann and Sandra Welchering presented how to create a successful value creation journey.


  • Google’s One Startup Team was represented by Jan Michel Vette who elaborated on what the best way is to scale with a small team.
  • Jan Thomas, CEO of Berlin Valley (NKF), explained us how to best PR your company & brand.
  • Arvato Systems North America’s Director of Commerce, Marcel Muscat, gave us information on leveraging enterprise system integration partners for sales & growth.
  • From Microsoft for Startups Stephan Jacquemot and Philipp Laurim gave us the valuable insight in how Microsoft supports fast growing companies.
  • We got an expert view on the typical SaaS journey from MOC-UP, MVP to MRR and global growth from Alexander Bruehl represented


  • Matthias Beikert and Kai Toepel, speaking for Sprintbetter, elaborated on building products customers love.
  • Marc Lemcke and Christian Herzog from New York International and Berlin Partnerrespectively, informed us on how to expand faster and cheaper than ever: The New York & Berlin Experience.
  • Mo Syed explained us how to grow fast by understanding your customer.
  • Alpha’s Head of Growth, Anuraag Verma, joined us to get insights in validating your assumptions to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Johanna Campion from Web Financial Group informed us on financial modeling and how to make it worth your effort.


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