Alumni, Partners and Mentors Oh my!

Along with a new program we welcome new mentors (and the return of our committed ones, thank you!) – to show our gratitude for the time they take and the valuable input they give our founders we host a mentor dinner every program, this year the food and location was sponsored by our partner P&G (thank you).

In connection to P&G we took the opportunity to set up a panel with our alumni from the retail program 2017 (JustSnap) who won P&G as a customer.

This to give an insight on what the experience is partnering with the METRO Accelerator (from P&G) and where you might end up as a startup (JustSnap). Many themes were highlighted, ranging from; corporates innovating through startups to how you should approach a corporate as a startup and what you can expect.

It is important from the very start to make the most out of the program:

“Take mentor madness really seriously – they make you mad (they did to us) but it is one of the best ways to get noticed by big brands like P&G” – Ahmet, JustSnap

True to form of an accelerator Ahmet comments on his experience on-boarding P&G

“the entire process took 4 months which is an extremely accelerated time frame to start working with a corporation”

Having piloted with both JustSnap and Oriient, Tobias Grafe from P&G explains “we chose two different startups that targeted two different areas of the value chain, one enables better connectivity with the shopper…the other, Oriient is providing a beacon-free solution based on earth magnetic field and is therefore more efficient and accurate.”

JustSnap highlights “Everything starts with a pilot, be honest from the start, tell them about your restrictions, be agile and open to make up for what is missing. Show there is team spirit – a team behind the product working in a close and cooperative way that is able and willing to pivot the idea. There is always the potential need to adapt a use case to become more relevant to the corporation” Something all founding teams should keep in mind when working with a large company.

In large corporates the challenge becomes to convince internally that working with startups is an exceptional way to innovate both culturally and the way store operations are executed. It is a potential risk, as it is unsure what the results will be, to that Tobias Grafe from P&G comments:

“To change the game you need to be willing to take some odd risks”

A big thank you to all the Mentors participating in Mentor Madness!



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