A day in Warsaw with METRO Accelerator for Retail

METRO Accelerator for Retail powered by Techstars will be traveling across Europe during February in order to meet disruptive retail startups. While we will travel to these amazing destinations and coworking spaces, with these blogs I would like to share with you our #CityInADay tour.

Today we are in Warsaw!

8:30 am – We flew in last night from Prague to Warsaw. We start our day with a hearty breakfast before hailing a taxi to Campus Warsaw. Today is the last day of our #CityInADay Europe tour!

10:30 am – When we arrived at Campus Warsaw we were welcomed by Denis Szczesny, the event coordinator. Denis showed us the room we will be spending the day in and rest of the campus.

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Built in 1897, the Neo-Gothic building, is located in the historical part of the town. It used to be a distillation factory. Would not be incorrect to say that Vodka made up for the major part of the produced goods. In fact till recently, it was the headquarters of Koneser Vodka Distillery factory.

Today, this historical building serves as the activity hub for the entrepreneurs of Campus Warsaw. You can now imagine the exciting contrast between the modern & sharp interiors of the building and the gothic red bricked old shool exteriors.

The Café of the Campus shelves cool freshly made menu and the food is super healthy. The coworking space is operated by tech hub and space is divided into one main event space and a classroom to host smaller events.

11:30 am – Time to get ready for the office hours. Meanwhile, I registered as a member of the Campus. I am very happy to have my own access card and welcome package. We finished the final printing, set up et al and were now ready to recieve startups with office hours appointments.

Office hours are one-to-one meeting with Alexander Hafner, our Managing director from Techstars and Sebastian Campos Groth, our Program manager. It is a great opportunity to pitch your startup to professionals and to get to know more about our program, and how you can benefit from it.

3:30 pm – These were the last of the Office hours, and at half past three we officially concluded the last of our sessions for the #CityInADay tour. Now it was time to get ready for the meetup. The topic at hand today is: How to efficiently scale your startup into large markets?

The presentation started with our little friend, the Star wars robot by Sphero. Sphero was part of Disney Accelerator by Techstars. Today, this connected toy is sold in more than 40 countries in the world.

We have a very interesting panel today composed of:


Meetup @CampusWarsaw starting Now! Our Panelists today, @AlexandrHafner, @BorisMinialai and Pawel Maj pic.twitter.com/Zr3NiMDsGa

— METRO Accelerator (@MetroAccel) 2 mars 2017

The room is choc-a-bloc and the interactions very insightful. We also have among us, in the meetup attendance also Eric Poirier, CEO of Makro Cash and Carry Poland.

7:30 pm – Time flies and how. The meetup was successful, and bought out many interesting viewpoints, both from the panel and the audience. It was already time to make it to our dinner restaurant. There, we met with 15 people who came directly from the meetup as well. We gorged on some traditional polish food and had a lot of good advice from our local newly-met friends!

We were very happy to meet with the Startup community of Warsaw! Thanks to all the participants and we hope to stay in touch.



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