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After 6 years of successfully bringing tech start-ups and corporates/METRO together to innovate the hospitality and retail industries, we are excited to shift our focus entirely and explore new ways to further evolve the hospitality space. We are planning our next moves and want to hear from experts and innovators alike. Join us in shaping the future of hospitality, connect here.

Xcel in Numbers

265m + EUR

70 companies

14 Series A/A+

1 Public Offering

40 Pilots

100+ Members


With 70+ companies in our portfolio, we are building the largest tech platform for entrepreneurs in hospitality and retail combined

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Success Stories

It’s always good to have another sounding board. Especially one that enables and supports you in turning ideas into actions - that’s what makes the Xcel program different.
Dan Calvert, CEO, MYMY Catering
I was surprised to see such a strong communication between METRO countries. The teams are really in contact with each other. That has been a great advantage in working with Xcel & METRO and it is not that common in large companies!
Cedric Chereau, CEO, UntieNots
It is the only reason why we exist right now; participating in this program was the best decision we made. Without it (the program), we would not have the opportunity to get that close to METRO, and we would have made more mistakes.
Marc Stratmann, Founder, Frag Paul
Through that platform (Xcel) we gained significant customers within Europe and are working with them on deployment.
Mickey Balter, Founder, Oriient