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Matching Partners and Startups to Create Innovation Everywhere.

Together with industry partners we scale startups to build thriving global ecosystems around retail and hospitality tech. By connecting entrepreneurs, corporations, investors and mentors we provide a highly customisable approach to innovation. For startups, Xcel is a platform for piloting and (e)xcelling through to internationalisation. For partners, it is the fast track to the business models of the future.

What We Offer

Customised Programs from seed through to series a+
A channel to partner networks
Piloting opportunities
Specialists in Innovation & Corporate culture
Matchmaking & Expert coaching
Meet LeadX
Post Program Community & support

Xcel in Numbers

265m + EUR

70 companies

14 Series A/A+

1 Public Offering

40 Pilots

100+ Members

Partner Network

We work with partners from around the world to make our startups successful.


Olaf Koch


"We (METRO) are serving 16 million independent operators, around the world; We are blessed that we can call ourselves a partner of the independent business owner. Since a number of years, we are exploring the opportunity to use innovation, specifically digital innovation, to reach out to those customers in a more meaningful way.”

Jason Breen

Senior Director, Enterprise Accelerators, Target

"In 2019, we partnered with METRO to run the METRO + Target Retail Accelerator, Certified by Techstars. We worked together with the Xcel team to deliver an international program, across two continents, that was flexible to accommodate later stage companies and connected amazing startups with our business teams!"

Eliana Zamprogna

CTO, M-Industry

"The hotel and retail businesses are undergoing profound changes and its future will be shaped by today's start-ups, which have the most innovative business models, strong entrepreneurial thinking and differentiating technologies. With the Xcel program, METRO has created a very successful program that attracts those promising start-ups and effectively potentiates them through the activities of METRO and through partners. Being in the METRO partner network and working with the dynamic and passionate Xcel team has been very valuable for Migros and will help us to develop innovative products for our customers."

Mack Tilling

President and Chief Innovation Officer, Relishworks Inc.

"It was a true privilege to be invited to collaborate in the Xcel program. The rigor and diligence that went into selection of the cohort‘s startups was evident. We were so impressed with the quality and breadth of the companies, and the enthusiasm of the founders was infectious. It was clear that the close and open interaction with not just the METRO mentors but with their cohort peers is one of the most valuable facets of the program. We were also struck by the thoughtfulness and practicality of the curriculum and a very effective process for accessing and engaging with the relevant METRO and partner business leaders. Kudos to the Xcel team for creating such a successful business accelerator, in the true sense of the word."


With 70+ companies in our portfolio, we are building the largest tech platform for entrepreneurs in hospitality and retail combined

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Success Stories

It’s always good to have another sounding board. Especially one that enables and supports you in turning ideas into actions - that’s what makes the Xcel program different.
Dan Calvert, CEO, MYMY Catering
I was surprised to see such a strong communication between METRO countries. The teams are really in contact with each other. That has been a great advantage in working with Xcel & METRO and it is not that common in large companies!
Cedric Chereau, CEO, UntieNots
It is the only reason why we exist right now; participating in this program was the best decision we made. Without it (the program), we would not have the opportunity to get that close to METRO, and we would have made more mistakes.
Marc Stratmann, Founder, Frag Paul
Through that platform (Xcel) we gained significant customers within Europe and are working with them on deployment.
Mickey Balter, Founder, Oriient